Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club understands that the process of flying is not always an easy one. Especially when traveling with other family members, packing, getting to the airport, checking in and finally boarding the plan can be a hassle. When running late or forgetting items, this process can be even more stressful, which is why LHVC always recommends that travelers create a check-list of items that they need, arrive at the airport early and, if at all possible, check-in online ahead of time.

As mentioned, checking in with the airline in advance is one of the best steps that a person can take in order to eliminate stress and complaints about having to wait in long lines. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares that while travelers might still have to wait in a line to hand over their checked luggage to the airline representatives, this line is usually significantly smaller than the regular check-in line.

Especially when travelling during the springtime, vacationers are likely to encounter large crowds of people. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club advises vacation-goers to arrive at the airport at least an hour before their departure time. Better yet, LHVC promotes getting to the airport two hours ahead of time. This way, travelers will not be stressed and are more likely to not complain about long lines if they have plenty of time to spare after checking in and getting through security.

July is an extremely sunny month, so in order to avoid complaints about sunburns and dehydration, make sure to pack plenty of sunblock and aloe, especially when jetting away to a tropical destination like the Dominican Republic. While it is not advisable to bring an umbrella onto an airplane, purchasing an umbrella at one’s travel destination is a great way to ensure that there is plenty of shade when going to the beach or spending time outside.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club hopes that all vacationers’ travel experiences go smoothly this July. For more information on tips to avoid common travel complaints, visit