The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts want to make sure that travelers can always have unbelievable and unforgettable vacation experiences. When you are looking for a destination that has a lot to offer you, the Dominican Republic is a wonderful destination. It is beautiful and has a number of attractions that travelers can see when they visit. If you plan on spending time in Santo Domingo when you visit the Dominican Republic, visit some of these spots for perfect vacation experiences.

  1. Zona Colonial: The perfect spot for history lovers, this area is home to a number of Santo Domingo’s historical sites like the home of Diego Colon, Acazar de Colon. It is now a museum that showcases a number of pieces of medieval art and can be toured for a small cost. Three are also a number of shops, bars, and restaurants in the area so there are many opportunities for fun.
  2. Cuevas de las Maravillas: This site is a perfect place to visit for those who want to appreciate natural beauty. There are a number of tours available for travelers who want to see this underground wonder. If you want to see a truly unique attraction, be sure to visit this site.
  3. Pat’e Palo European Brasserie: This is an award winning restaurant that is a perfect spot for a night out with friends or family members. From the Pie Grande de Ribeye en el Bosque to the Polenta Salmon Salad, there are a number of delectable dishes on this menu at this restaurant that cannot be missed according to Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts.