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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts provides suggestions to enjoy kid friendly Dominican getaways, as determining what to do for any family trip is really a difficult decision. Your growing teens may wish to stay as far from you as they possibly can and will like to savor pool side activities all day long while your small children need constant attention and thus locating the perfect location that matches along with everyone’s specifications is indeed a challenge.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts show that an ideal mixture of the nearby physical elements like the offshore reefs and the low laying hills of Dominican Republic make it an attractive layout. And this is why it turns out to be the most exceptional place to enjoy aquatic sports like kite boarding and wind surfing. The Dominican beaches are the perfect spot to lie down and revel in a tan. It’s the best thing to do when you’re not gliding over its Caribbean Ocean or enjoying other fun pursuits. Your Dominican beach vacation can turnout quite advantageous for your health, it will help you to develop a tan and leave you in high spirits too.

Relaxing around the beach may appear useless but taking time off from the daily stresses of your work life will turn out good for you. Swimming will help to keep you in good shape because it is a minimal impact cardio exercise that helps you burn extra calories without causing your joints long-term injuries.

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Had Spectacular Vacations Here!

Been to this resort a few times, always can depend on great weather in February. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the help is always willing to make our stay wonderful. The rooms are clean and anything extra you need such as towels, soap etc is never an issue. The beaches are lovely and fun to take walks and explore. Vendors may try to sell you things, but just tell them no firmly and they will leave you alone no problem. Lots of Canadians go here so chances are if you like to be social you can meet some really nice people here. Their VIP Beach is a great place to go and unwind, drinks are brought to where you are relaxing. I always feel so spoiled when vacationing at Lifestyles!


5 stars +++

This is our 4 visit to this resort and we where very happy with the way we where treated. All of the employees from the Casa Blanca buffet are A+++ employee in special Oscar, Felix , Stanley they are special employees that made our stay a special one. Also thanks to Nelson from the pool bar and Juan and Miriam from the lobby bar. We also had a great time with Domingo and all the employee from el Pilon. I also recommend El Trapiche their food and the employees are very good. Like I said I recommend this Resort to every visitor. The best thing this resort have is its employee that make you feel super welcome.

Stayed November 2016, traveled with friends


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