Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts want to make sure that all of their members have great travel experiences. They know that no matter how much of an expert planner you are, there are always new ideas developing that can make your planning an execution that much easier and offer easier and enjoyment to your travel experience.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts enjoy sharing such travel help with their members to make sure they enjoy their vacations, so here are three new great travel tips for the next time you go.


  • Snack Organizer: Having snacks for your family is always good. It keeps you from buying junk on the go and helps you save money too. A meal organizer can further this advantage because it allows you to give each person a variety of snacks. Plastic organizers will also keep food safe when on the go or at the beach.


  • Give a gift to flight attendants/ maids: there are going to be people on your vacation that you spend more time with than others, or depend on. These include the attendant on the plane and the maids at your resort. Show them your appreciation for their service with little gifts like chocolate bars or cookies. These will put a smile on their face and will show them you care. It may even earn you a bit of extra attention.


  • Use File Transfer websites: Using sites like Dropbox to upload all your picture on the go is a great way to backup your memories and have easy access to them later, these sites are easy to use and can be shared with others so that you can show off your memories.Take a vacation and have a break from everyday routine with  Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort in the enchanting Dominican Republic and experience a vacation like never before.