Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts set themselves apart from their competitors by providing the most affordable deals anywhere in the Dominican Republic, and this company has pleased members by providing options for other resorts all over the world. One of the benefits of a membership with this resort group is the ability to use INTrave’L to visit many resorts in some of the leading vacation destinations.  Members are looking forward to experiencing new surroundings on their next vacations by utilizing this new benefit.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts is proud to offer members the ability to take their vacation at a multitude of resorts all around the world. With the INTrave’L is program, members of Lifestyle can move their vacation weeks to other affiliated resorts. This means that every location goes through a strict review process and meets only the highest standards, so travelers can be sure that their vacation is of the highest degree of excellence. This is exciting for members that enjoy travelling to the Dominican but may be looking for a change. This ability that members have to trade weeks, gives the traveler unlimited locations to choose from and opens up future vacation possibilities.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts promotes only the highest standards of customer service, which is why this resort group has one of the highest member bases in the industry. Members of this resort group enjoy spending their quality time in the Dominican soaking up the sun, enjoying the beach and first class amenities. There are many V.I.P. programs that this resort offers that elevate any vacation from ordinary to amazing. It is this dedication to high standards that sets Lifestyle leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. This is why so many travelers choose to frequent Lifestyle resorts when they travel annually.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts provide amazing amenities and travel packages that appeal to various different types of travelers. When booking accommodations through Lifestyle members know that they will receive the highest standards of customer care all at affordable pricing, which makes planning a vacation fun instead of a burden. With all of these unique amenities, it is no wonder that Lifestyle has one of the largest member bases in the industry, and extremely high satisfaction ratings. Those travelers that are interested in getting more valuable vacation experiences should look no further than a membership with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister resorts.