Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guests love the solo backpacking experience as it gives them the freedom to do things at their leisure. Your best hiking partner may not need breaks at the same time or even want to do the things that you are interested in. When you are alone in the wilderness you will experience a natural rhythm and it is not essential that you’re hiking partner will feel the same way. Solo Backpacking   experience gives you the opportunity to commune with nature or enjoy a more spiritual experience in the wilderness. Plus being alone can help to deepen certain experiences as alone you become more conscious and aware of your surroundings and see things in a new light.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Sister Resorts says that though solo backpacking may have been considered quiet unsafe in the past but with the recent influx of different technological advancements it has become a more enjoyable and safer adventure to experience. If you lose your map you can always turn on your GPS unit and locate the landmark setting of your car. You can also carry a Locater Beacon as it will offer you the safety and security that you seek.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members tip you that that you should also be careful and should not let such devises lure you into a false sense of security that can get you into trouble. Solo backpacker also needs to learn backpacking tips that can enhance their experience and make it a memorable one. Learning to make a fire and knowing the way to set up emergency shelters in unpredictable situations is very important. Plus knowing about the different types of edible plants and fruits that grow in the area will help to keep your stomach full in critical conditions. Though food is not usually your first concern in the wilderness but in emergencies it sure can’t hurt to be familiar with a few edibles. You should also carry a first aid kit and learn how to treat the basic injuries and illnesses that you might encounter during your backpacking adventure.